Privacy policies

LA CASA DE LA ALPACA is a company legally incorporated and registered in Peru with RUC N°10007947645, whose legal representative is Juan Guillermo Wendorff Eduardo with DNI 00794764, the legal address is at Av. La Paz 665 Urb. Leuro, District of Miraflores, Province and Department of Lima; which values and respects the privacy of its customers.
Information collected online

Data collected by automatic means
The information collected online includes information that is collected by automatic means, as well as information that is of a personal nature and entered manually by the customer.
The data collected automatically during the use of the Platform are used for the sole purpose of obtaining statistical information and checking the correct functioning of the online store.
Personal data provided by the Customer
The Customer must register his personal data – in case he has not previously created an account – in order to execute his Purchase Order. The personal information to be registered includes your first and last names, National Identity Document (DNI), company name, address, town/city, region/province, postal code, telephone number, e-mail address.
Also, depending on the selected payment method, data such as credit card number, expiration date and credit card verification code may be collected.
Use of Information Collected Online
The collection of information through the Platform has three main purposes:
– Validate and process the information.
– To give support to the client in case of any inconvenience for the purchase of the product.
– Send promotions, offers or other events that occur in our company.

Transmission of information

The company has an agreement with the external provider of payment gateway services.

The customer’s debit/credit card data will be shared with the provider for business purposes only; this includes payment processing and validation, which is protected by an anti-fraud system.

By making a payment under the modality of “Payment by Credit Card”, the customer authorizes the confidential treatment of the information by the supplier. Personal, credit card and purchase data are encrypted on the network and are thus protected.

Customer’s Rights
The customer gives his consent to the Company to use his personal and commercial data for the purposes described in the policy. The information may be modified in order to correctly process future purchases.

The customer, if he/she prefers, can stop receiving e-mails with marketing content from the Company. To do so, he/she should contact and express that he/she does not wish to receive information from the Company.
Updating the Privacy Policy
The Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. However, changes will be made on the basis of the provisions of applicable law and ensuring the protection of personal data and customer satisfaction.
If you have any questions the customer may contact the Company through the Wasap line 995021729 or fixed number 4476271 or via email